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Current Activities

ELF and multilingual practices in professional contexts

ELF ReN workshop

Date & Location: 7-8 November 2013; University of Southampton (UK), Avenue Campus 

Organiser: Dr Alessia Cogo 

Workshop material and resources

We have had many requests for the workshop content to be made available. Here you can find some material from the event. 


Alharbi and Dewey

Anne Kari Bjørge

Juliane House

Jennifer Jenkins


Workshop theme:

English is today recognised as the language of international workplace communication. All over the world, not only in business but also in international organisations, English as a Lingua Franca has become increasingly adopted both for internal and external communications. However, other multilingual resources are also known to play an important role in professional communication. As the workplace becomes an increasingly super-diverse environment, with people coming from various backgrounds and experiences, how do ELF and multilingual practices co-exist in professional contexts?

This two-half-day workshop aims to encourage multi- and inter-disciplinary exchanges on the phenomenon of super-diversity in ELF professional contexts. This is a small workshop and there will be plenty of time for asking questions and discussion. We will be exploring questions such as:

-Who are the people who work in these super-diverse contexts and how do we begin to explore/understand their repertoires?

-How do multilingual practices and ELF interplay in the workplace on a daily basis?

-How can people develop the transcultural skills and knowledge to operate professionally?

-What are the implications for professional identity?

-What are the implications for English language teaching and educational practitioners?

Invited speakers:

Jo Angouri – University of the West of England, Bristol (UK)

Anne Kari Bjørge - Norwegian School of Economics (Norway)

Martin Dewey – King’s College London (UK)

Susanne Ehrenreich – TU Dortmund University (Germany)

Juliane House – Hamburg University (Germany)

Jennifer Jenkins – University of Southampton (UK)

Marie-Luise Pitzl – Salzburg University (Austria)

Miyuki Takino – University of Southampton (UK)







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